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What is an Online Computer Engineering Master’s Degree?

An online Master’s in Computer Engineering degree is a graduate degree that prepares students for high-level careers in computer engineering fields, including hardware development, software creation, network design and more. Students who enter the program typically have an educational background or several years of work experience in computer science, engineering or a related field.

Obtaining an online master’s degree in computer engineering prepares students to think critically in professional situations and solve challenges using innovative strategies. Through immersive learning and collaboration with their peers, graduates can become more qualified for senior level roles, managing teams and working on more significant projects.

Types of Computer Engineering Degrees – Master’s Level

  • MS: Master of Science in computer engineering, Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering
  • MSTIM: Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management with a specialization in computer science or computer engineering
  • MSE: Master of Science in Engineering in electrical, and/or computer engineering

Degree types depend on the university and coursework, but all master’s degree programs offer the potential to prepare students for leadership roles in computer engineering.

What Can You Do with a Computer Engineering Master’s Degree?

Many senior-level roles in computer engineering require a master’s degree or higher. Graduating with a Master’s in Computer Engineering may increase your chances of being considered for management roles in fields ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to government and the private sector.

Teaching is also an opportunity for many computer engineering professionals. Whether the instructor continues to work full time and teach part-time, or they forgo their full-time engineering careers for full-time instruction, most universities require at least a master’s degree in order to teach.

Other students use a master’s degree to change careers altogether. Because students who enter the program may have focused solely on engineering or computer science in the past, bringing these worlds together in the master’s program allows them to apply for a role they’re more passionate about after graduation, as well as have the potential to earn a higher salary immediately and long-term.

What are the Different Fields of Computer Engineering?

Some of the fields that employ computer engineers include:

  • Healthcare: Technology use in healthcare is being increasingly embraced by medical providers and patients alike. The 2017 Global Health Care Sector Outlook report by research firm Deloitte shows artificial intelligence, biosensors and trackers are just a few of the top technology innovations shaping the landscape today. Consumer interest in robotics and drones is also increasing, with 40 percent of American consumers expressing interest in using them for chronic disease. Computer engineers may also work on projects such as hardware and software systems that support the delivery of healthcare.
  • Manufacturing: Computer engineers work on the manufacturing of computer-powered equipment, including semiconductors and aerospace components. They can also impact the manufacturing industry through work such as creating hardware that makes scanning more efficient or developing robots that help production.
  • Government: Developing computer hardware and software that maintains day-to-day functions in government is a valuable role that computer engineers play. They work on projects to help processes become more streamlined through computer technology, and work to ensure government professionals can execute their duties effectively. Computer engineers also play an integral role in military operations, helping to develop technology deployed on the front lines.
  • Server farms: Environments that house data servers and power some of the world’s largest online businesses and organizations on the web require computer engineers to test and create servers that fuel digital actions. Some businesses also have servers in-house, and server components such as networks, routers and circuit boards may be developed and maintained by computer engineers.
  • Computer developers: Companies that are responsible for creating consumer and business consumer products rely on the brightest minds in computer engineering to create the groundbreaking products of the future. These include mobile devices and applications, wearable devices, smart home products, efficient laptops and more.

From working for the largest computer hardware and software companies in the world, to helping protect the livelihood of citizens through energy and military computer developments, computer engineers play an integral role in the development of society and business.

Industries and corporations are becoming increasingly reliant on the power of computer technology developments to optimize their operations and keep them competitive. Whatever area you are interested in, chances are there is a need for computer engineers who have master’s degree educations to excel in and help their organizations.

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