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Grand Canyon University – Online Master of Science in Cyber Security

Program Overview

According to Grand Canyon University:

Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Cyber Security degree program offers students skilled in technology and security-based fields to move into a specialized career in cyber security. As one of the few cyber security programs in the nation, the program trains students to use current, open source and advanced techniques in digital forensics, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and exploitation techniques—along with other software and applications—to protect an organization’s systems, data, processes and people. Students focus on various areas of cyber security, including exploring policies, cyber law, national and international ramifications and ethical considerations, while gaining the tools to understand and protect against the enemy in cyber warfare and cyber defense activities. The master’s program is designed for security engineers and architects, IT professionals, chief information security officers and others interested in increasing their security-role efficiency and ensuring regulations are in place.

At a Glance

URL https://www.gcu.edu/degree-programs/master-science-cybersecurity
Total credit hours 34
Tuition per credit Tuition and fees
Full-time/part-time/accelerated Full-time/part-time
Admission requirements According to Grand Canyon University, to be eligible for admission to the Master of Cyber Security program, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Graduate applicants may be accepted at GCU with an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or program that has been approved by Grand Canyon University (GCU), with a 2.8 GPA or higher.

If you do not meet the GPA requirement, you may be eligible for admission with a graduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college or program and passing test scores:

  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT): 500
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE): 1,000 combined verbal/quantitative, prior to August 2011; 300 combined verbal/quantitative, after August 2011