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Valparaiso University – Online Master of Science in Cyber Security

Program Overview

According to Valparaiso University:

Valparaiso’s online Master of Science in Cyber Security combines technical curriculum with courses and discussions that focus on ethical concerns within the industry. Developed from years of NSA staff input, the program allows students to hone skills for seamless entry into the workforce and outpace hackers around the globe. Coursework includes study in ethical hacking and counter measures, cyber operations, cryptography, reverse software engineering, cyber forensics and communicating technical information. The curriculum features a broad selection of hands-on, interactive electives that build on the program’s fundamental coursework, allowing you to create an academic plan that suits your professional goals. You’ll also have access to Valparaiso’s virtualization facility, a unique asset that allows you to model and operate within thousands of security scenarios and exercises. The degree suits both established security professionals and those who have working knowledge of computing, electrical or computer engineering, IT or the applied sciences.

At a Glance

URL https://onlinecybersecurity.valpo.edu/program-overview/curriculum/
Total credit hours 36
Tuition per credit Tuition and fees
Practicum, internship and/or on-campus intensive Internship: A least 300 hours of supervised work experience in a cyber security firm or a cyber security related position (1 credit = 100 hours).
Full-time/part-time/accelerated Full-time/part-time
Admission requirements According to Valparaiso University, to be admitted to the online master’s program in cyber security, applicants must:

  • Meet all graduation school admission requirements.
  • Have taken a statistics course and have the equivalent of a minor in computer science, IT or a related field (e.g., engineering or information and decision sciences). Professional experience or working knowledge may be considered the equivalent of the required academic background and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA in previous college-level coursework. Students who fall below this standard, however, may be considered on an individual basis.
  • Students without adequate background or preparation may be required to complete up to four courses prior to graduation. These courses may be taken concurrently with program coursework, so long as prerequisites for individual courses are met.

Admission Materials:

  • Valparaiso University Graduate School Application
  • Official transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A reflective essay indicating the reasons for undertaking graduate study in cyber security
  • An up-to-date professional resume
  • Application fee: $30