//Cybersecurity Career Development: Pathways for Advancement (Infographics)

Cybersecurity Career Development: Pathways for Advancement (Infographics)

Do you know where your cybersecurity career is headed? According to a report by the Enterprise Research Group and the Information Systems Security Association, nearly two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals do not have a clearly defined career path or plans to take their careers to the next level. An alarming figure, sure, but also one that highlights the opportunity for driven, career-minded individuals like you: while your peers are floating along, you can start taking steps today for the position you want tomorrow.

Investing time in career development can certainly pay off, especially for junior cybersecurity professionals who may be deciding between a focus in the business side of IT (i.e., risk management, compliance, etc.) or in technical areas (i.e., cloud security, IoT security, etc.).

There are many opportunities to advance your cybersecurity career. These infographics will show you:

  • The core roles for entry-level, mid-level and advanced-level cybersecurity professionals and the common transition opportunities between them.
  • A snapshot of pertinent career information (salary, job openings) to help you decide which path is worth the pursuit.
  • Information on the top certifications and education level requested for each role to help you prepare for the next level.

Cybersecurity Career Roadmap

Average Income by Education Level and Years of Experience in the Cybersecurity Field

Cybersecurity Qualifications

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